Here is the List of Governing Body of the College by whom all the rules, regularities and actions are taken:


SL.No Name Designation
01 M.L.A , Bijepur const President
02 V.C. Nominee Member
03 Principal Secretary Member
04 Tikalal Mahattam Member
05 Chairman, N.A.C., Barpali Member
06 U.K Dash, Read in English. Member
07 M.O.S. M Sahu, Leapt in Education Member
08 Smt. B.Seth Member
09 Smt. M.Khafua Member
10 Smt B.C. Mohanty, Member
11 Non-Teaching staff representative Member
12 M.P./ Nominee of M.P. ….
13 Md- Sabir- Member Minonty
14 Mrs. Sunita Sahu Member
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