Here is a list of Teaching Staff of College for Arts Stream:

Sl. No Name Qualification Departement Designation
01 Sri Chandramani Dash M.A, M.Phil Economics Reader
02 Sri Bhaktabandhu Pradhan M.A, PGDRD, DCM Economics Lecturer
03 Sruti Pradhan M.A Economics Lecturer
04 Mrs. Mamata Sahu M.A, M.Ed Education Lecturer
05 Miss P. Udgata M.A Education Lecturer
06 Sri Uttar Kumar Dash M.A English Reader
07 Sri Dhiroj Kumar Tripathy M.A English Lecturer
08 Miss Manisha Dash M.A English Lecturer
09 Binodananda Sahu M.A History Lecturer
10 Sri A.K Dash M.A History Lecturer
11 Sri Ashok Kumar Pradhan M.A, B.Ed History Lecturer
12 Sri Uttar Kumar Gartia M.A, M.Phil(NET) Oriya Lecturer
13 Sri Sadananda Meher M.A Oriya Lecturer
14 Chinmayee Pradhan M.A Oriya Lecturer
15 Sri Simanchal Pradhan M.A Philosophy Lecturer
16 Sri Kumuda Chandra Dash M.A Political Science Reader
17 Sri Alekha Mahananda M.A, M.Phil Political Science Lecturer
18 Sri Pabitra Barik M.A, M.Phil Political Science Lecturer
19 Sri Ganesh Prasad Mishra M.A, LL.B Psychology Labrotory Assistant
20 Miss Simarani Nayak M.A Sanskrit Lecturer

Here is a list of Teaching Staff of College for Science Stream:

Sri Ranjan Kumar Panigrahi Lecturer Zoology
Mrs. SoudaminiPandey Lecturer Chemistry
Miss Jayanti Dash Lecturer Physics
Sri. BidyadharChindra Lecturer Pol. Sc.
Smt. MamataSahu Lecturer Education
Sri. BrundabanaSahu Lecturer Physics
Sri. Jogesh Ch. Bhoi Lecturer History
Sri. Ashok Kumar Padhan Lecturer History
Sri. Goura Chandra Padhan Lecturer Math
Sri. Dhiroj Kumar Tripathy Lecturer English
Mrs. Manisha Dash Lecturer English
Miss Rasna Bhoi Lecturer English
Dr. Simanchal Pradhan Lecturer Logic
Dr. Gangadhar Meher Lecturer Math
Sri. Alekh Mahananda Lecturer Pol.Sc
Sri. Uttar Kumar Gartia Lecturer Odia
Sri. Bhakta Bandhu Padhan Lecturer Economics
Dr. Prahallad Debta Lecturer Sanskrit
Dr. Bhagwana Mahananda Lecturer History
Sri. Gopendra Sahu P.E.T Athletic
Sri. Aswini Sahu Librarian Library
Sri. Nikunja Sandh Demonstrator Physics
Sri. Bijaya Kumar Tripathy Demonstrator Chemistry
Sri. Bijaya Kumar Mishra Demonstrator Botany
Sri. Ganesh.Prasad Mishra Demonstrator Psychology
Sri. RajendraMeher Demonstrator Physics
Sri. SumantaSatapathy Demonstrator Chemistry
Sri. Sunil Kumar Dash Lecturer Botany
Mrs. Sambita Pradhan Lecturer Odia
Miss Debanginee sahu Lecturer
Mrs. Seema Bhoi Lecturer Pol.Sc
Dr. Pareswar Sahu Lecturer Economics
Dr. Kanhu Meher Lecturer History
Sri. Ananta Meher Lecturer Odia
Sri. Arun Kumar Barik Lecturer Odia
Sri. Biswanath Sahu Lecturer Odia
Miss Natasha Sikandar Lecturer Botany
Mrs. NeelamDebta Lecturer English
Sri. Bikash Bag Lecturer Psychology
Miss Pragnya ParamitaPradhan Lecturer Zoology
Mrs. Anita Dash Lecturer Education
Mrs. Debajani Behera Demonstrator Zoology
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