i)Admission & Undertaking

A student seeking admission is required to apply in the prescribed from within the date specified for the purpose before he is admitted into the College. He and his Guardian shall have to sign an undertaking in the proper from to the effect that the student shall abide by the rules of the college.

Admission is purely on merit. It can be claimed as matter of right and may be refused by the principal without disclosing the reason thereof.


Each student must register in the college office the address must be intimated to the office in writing immediately.

iii) Leave:

All Scholarship holders who wish to obtain leave of absence from the college must apply for that leave before they actually absent themselves. In special cases, such as illness Where it is not possible to obtain leave in advance an application for grant of leave should be (a) sent by post or (b) submitted immediately upon return to College, if the period of absence is short.

iv)Tutorial Group:

It is the duty of each student to find out as soon as tutorial groups are formed to which tutorial group he/she has been assigned. If a student is not assigned to any group he must immediately bring this fact to the notice of the lecturer in charge of Time Table. A student cannot take a plea on this ground for shortage of attendance at tutorials.

v)Proctorial Group:

Of the College is assigned to a proctorial group. It is the duty of the student to meet his proctor soon after the proctorial group are formed and notified. After the first such proctorial meeting, subsequent meeting may however be arranged according to the proctor and his students. Failure to meet the proctor shall be considered as breach of college discipline. If a student is not assigned to any of the proctorial group he should immediately bring this fact to the notice of the Principal.



I.Tutorial Practical classes will be used for proctorial work.
II.Duties of the office Assistant in charge of proctorial work.

a)  Order for printed forms and post cards for information to guardians of delinquent students for the subsequent session should be 31 March every year and forms obtained and kept in stock before summer Vacation.

b)  He is to see that the proctorial forms of those admitted into the II/IV Year classes and those admitted into I/III year classes after the last dates of admission on transfer are filled up at the counter and sent to the respective Department.

c)  He is to see that the proctorial forms of the students belonging to the II/IV Year classes reach within 15days from the date of commencement of the Tutorial/ Practical classes.

d)  He is to see the Proctorial forms of the students belonging to I/III year classes are filled up within 15days from the date of commencement of the tutorial/ Practical class.

III.Duties of the Proctors:

a)  The proctors will carry the proctorial file to each proctorial classes (Tutorial/Practical) and ascertain from each student belonging to their respective proctorial groups mainly on the following points.

1)   Regularity in attendance of classes.

2)  Appearance at internal assessment examination

3)  Any disorderly conduct either in the college or in the hostel

b)  In case everything is satisfactory, the signature of the student is to be obtained on the body of the proctorial from along with dates.

c)  In case of delinquents on any of the three items mentioned in (a) supra, they are to be warned and their signature are to be obtained on the body of the proctorial from and warning should be issued to them in writing along with dates.

d)  If incorrect and false information is supplied and this becomes subsequently known, serious warning should be issued to the student under information to his parents/Guardian.

e)  The dates of meetings with students should be recorded.

f)   All cases of delinquents should be reported to the parents/Guardians under the signature of the principal.

g)   It is the responsibility of the proctor to see that all the students in his charge fill in the proctorial form and affix their photograph.

h)  The following certificates should be furnished every month by all the proctors of a department.

1)   I certify that all the students of proctorial group assigned to me have completed the proctorial forms and have affixed their photographs.

2)   “certified that I know and can recognize all the students assigned to me”.

3)   “certified that I have obtained signatures from the students on the body of the proctorial forms on the day of meeting with them”.

4)   “certified that I had meeting with student and those who have not appeared at the Internal Assessment Examination or have fallen short of attendance or have created mischief in the college on any occasion have warned their parents/guardians have been informed and the number and dates of the letters written to their parents/guardians have been recorded on the body of the proctorial forms”.

Note-All the proctors of a department will finish those certificates (h) 1,2,3 and 4 in one sheet of paper only. A cyclostyled form will be supplied to each department.

Duties of the teacher in charge of proctorial works at the department level.

1.He is to see that.

a)  As soon as any change is made in the time table (Honours/Tutorial/Practical) the proctorial form is transferred to the appropriate teacher, and the office is informed accordingly.

b)  When a teacher is transferred, the student belonging to his proctorial group are placed under a new teacher with the approval of the Head of the change within 7 days.

c)  Fresh students complete their proctorial forms and furnish their photographs.

2.He should furnish the following certificates by the 20th of every month.

a)  Certified that all the students assigned to the department have been fully covered by the proctorial system.

b)  Certified that all the students assigned to the department have completed their forms and have affixed their photographs.

c)  Certified that necessary follow up action has been taken consequent on the changes in the time table, transfer of teachers and enrolment of fresh students.

3.He is expected to meet the principal at least once every fortnight and inform him about names of students; who have not filled in the forms or have not given their photographs.

4.He is expected to check of the proctorial forms every month in order to find out if regular meeting of proctors with students are being held. He should inform the principal about his findings.

5.He should ensure that the proctors furnish all the certificates mentioned in clause V[h] 1,2,3 and 4

Vi. Duties of the teachers in charge of proctorial work at the college level:

a)  They are expected to see the principal at least once every week.

b)  They are two checkup if the certificates mentioned in section V and VI have reached the college office by the 20th of every month.

c)  They will be in overall charge of supervision of the duties assigned to the office assistant in charge of proctorial works.


a)  Fees are received only on the days fixed for collection between 12 noon & 3 P.M. students should tender the extract amount of their dues as the college office can not give change.

b)  Failure to pay the fees on the fixed days fixed for collection shall be dealt with as follows.

Up to end of the month a student should be required to pay default fine to twelve paisa for each day’s delay excluding any days on which the college office is closed or Sundays or holidays which may intervene between the day fixed for collection and that on which he pays his dues.

If a student fails to pay dues before the end of the month his name he shall be required to pay in addition to his dues for the month at the end of his name was stuck off the usual admission fee equal to the ordinary monthly fee of the class.

(Orissa Edn  Code Act 106,IV)

Viii.Private Club or Teams:

Students of the college are forbidden (i) to belong to any outside Athletic clubs or any society which is not approved by Government, (ii) to play for any team other than the college team without previously taking a written permission from the principal.

IX.Permission to Accompany the College Team:

When a match is to be played away from Barpali Members of the team and the students who wish to accompany the team, must obtain previous leave of absence from the principal. Functions:

a)  Purchase of cigarettes and betels from student’s funds and distribution of cigarettes to guests at college functions are strictly prohibited in variety entertainments or in the Annual College Drama, there should be no parts requiring smoking on the stage.

b)  Playing of film music by means of loud speaker is forbidden at college functions.

c)  Invitation of guest artists to participate in any college function requires prior approval of the principal.

d)  A student of the college can take photographs at the college function including the drama and annual sports. Those who are not the students of the college and desire to take photographs on such occasion have to take the prior permission of the principal.

e)  Official photographs of college societies should only be taken after prior consultation with the principal and a copy of each such photograph must be filed in the college office.

f)  Reports on the activities of any college association or society can only be sent for publication in the press with the prior approval and authority of the principal. In all such cases a copy of the reports should be filed in the office of the principal.


a)  Spitting on the walls, pillars or doors of the college and smoking within the college premises are strictly prohibited.

b)  Students are forbidden to loiter in the verandah when then have no classes to attend, they may remain in the student’s common room.

c)  The use of college campus for the purpose of answering the call of nature is strictly prohibited.

d)  Students are wanted not to use bicycles or other article which are not their own property.

e)  Misbehavior of college students at games played outside college premises shall be regarded as breach of college discipline.

f)  Students should have their Identity Card in their possession during college hours which may be demanded from them by the office, library, the postman, in the classroom, examination hall, college function and on such other occasion as demand necessary. Students are also advised in their own interest to carry the identity Cards when they go outside the college. For proper use of Identity Card Students are advised to go through the instructions printed on the back of the Identity card.

g)  Students are warned against tampering or mishandling with electrical fitting and other articles of the college.

Xii.Disposal of Students’ Matters :

a)  All applications addressed to the principal should be put between 11 A.M. in the letter box placed near the office. No application will be received in person.

b)  If a student wants to meet the principal he can do so at the time to be specified from day to day on the Notice board in front of the Principal’s room.

XII.Collage Notice :

There is a general notice board in the college and there are notice boards in men students’ common room .All the important notices of the college relating to functions, time table , examination and other activities are put on these boards and students are required to go through the notice carefully and act accordingly. Any attempt to disfigure the notices or tear away from the notice boards will be regarded as an act of indiscipline and students guilty of such acts will be severely dealt with.


1.   In the case of concerted absence without leave on the part of the students on or before the third day of such absence the name of the absent will be struck off the college rolls. Students absent on such occasion will not be readmitted except under the usual rules of admission unless they bring sufficient excuse in Writing signed or counter signed by a parent or authorized guardian and may be excused.The decision as to the sufficiency of the excuse  will lie with the principal . On such occasion , the college will on no account be closed. The roll of each class will be called as usual.

(Orissa Edn  Code Act 106,IV)

2.  A student who is rusticated or expelled or whose name is remove from the college rolls as soon as his name is struck off the rolls, should leave the college and vacate the hotel if he is a resident of the same irrespective of his having paid the college or hostel  if he is a resident of the hostel fees in advance shall be forfeited to the Govt. If such student does not leave the college or the hostel by the date he is required to do so , he shall be liable to pay such penalties or surcharge as the Principal may direct for every day he surcharge as the principal may direct for every day he overstays in violation of the order and shall also be subject to any lawful course of action including employment of each reasonable amount of physical force as may be necessary by the principal for enforcing his compulsory remove from the college or the attached hostel.

(Orissa Edn Code Act 111 ii)

3.  No permission is required for college students other than boarders to attend political meetings, but they should not conduct the meetings or themselves into undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the is to be borne in mind however the college exists for the purpose of education and politics in the college should always be dealt with in a scholarly way in the form of lectures and thoughtful address. The principal may however, prohibit all students from attending a political meeting if he apprehends a breach of peace or that communal feelings will be aroused.

(Orissa Edn code act 114)

4.  The principal in consolation  with the president of the  Governing body of the college may Prohibit students for attendance at any meeting which they jointly deem unsuitable or unseemly.

(Orissa Edn code act 115)

5.  Any student on the rolls of Government or aided college who wishes to join any club or society outside the college which has not been approved by Government must obtain the rule of the principal before doing so. Breach of the rule will be regarded as serious offence. Permission will ordinarily be granted by the principal on presentation of a written and duly request from the student’s father or natural guardian.

(Orissa Edn code act 116)

6.  No club or society should be started or maintained in Government or aided college without the approval of the principal nor shall it be affiliated to any outside body. It is permissible for societies to be formed for the quit and scholarly discussion of current political problems, but meeting of such societies must be open to all  members of the college and staff members of the staff may act as office bearer of the society, if invited by the students the interests to do so and will always do all they can to future the interest of club of all kinds  no person who is not at the time a member of the college, may address a meeting of such  same on the invitation of person duly authories by the principal.

(Orissa Edn code act 117)

7.   Scholarship may be withdraw at any time if the group or conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory.

(Orissa Edn code act 705)

8.   No candidate shall be permitted to sit for an university Examination unless his term and Annual certificate of attendance, certificate of conduct and progress or the order of exemption if any, granted to him have been revived by the registrar before the examination.

Sambalpur University Statutes No 226(5)

9.  The grant of the annual certificate shall also be subject to the following conditions.

i)  The certificate shall not be granted unless a student has kept atleat  three fourth of the attendance prescribed by the college in the course of instruction followed by him during the year, in college or  institution by approved by the Syndicate of any certificate ,or diploma or  degree.

ii)  The certificate shall not be granted unless the student has  completed the course of instruction to the authorities of the collage and his progress and conduct have been satisfactory.

     Sambalpur University statutes no 225 (2)


a)   A student on the roll of the college automatically becomes a member of the college library. When a student’s name is struck the college, he ceases to be a member.

b)   Member of the teaching staff and all other employees serving in the college are also members of the library.

c)   Any other person can be admitted to the privilege of the membership of the library by written order of the Principal as per rules laid down from time to time.

2.General Rules:

No book shall be removed from the library without the knowledge of the Liberian nor, (except in case of books required for casual reference by a member of the college staff during college hours) until after it has been entered by the Liberian in a register to be kept for that purpose. This register should contain columns for the name of the book taken out, for the date of its removal and date of its return, for signature of the borrower and for remark (if necessary) upon the condition of the books at removal from or return to the library.

Orissa Edn code act 127 (5)

3. Books taken out of the library must be returned to the librarian and on no account be transferred to any other person.

Orissa Edn code act 127 (5)

4.The marginal or other notes or markings shall not be made in library books. Breach of this rule shall be punished by fine at the description of the Principal.

Orissa Edn code act 127 (6)

5.Any person losing or seriously damaging a volume shall pay its double value or replace it with a similar volume. When it belongs to a set or serious, unless he can replace it he shall pay the value of the set.

Orissa Edn code act 127 (7)

6.Every book added to the library, whether by purchase or otherwise shall be the entered by the librarian in a catalogue under its proper head.

Orissa Edn Code Act 127(8)

7.Towards the close of each academic year all the books shall be called in for a time for stock taking in order that the library may be compared, with the catalogue, loses may be discovered and replaced, and binding and other repairs may be carried out. The stock taking should done by a member of the teaching staff. Not by the librarian himself. During this period no person except with the special permission of the principal shall have access to the library.

Orissa Edn Code Act 127(8)

8.The hours during which the library shall remain open be determined by the principal from time to time.

9.The following is a list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to various class of members.

i Members of teaching staff 15 each
ii Librarians 5 each
iii All class III Officers other than 3 each
ii above
iv Students of the +3 Arts/SC pass course 2 each
v Student of the +3 Arts/SC Hon.course 3 each
vi +2 Arts/SC. Students 1 each
vii Class IV employees 1 each
viii Persons specially permitted by the principal to be members To be determinedly the principal in each case.


10. Students and other members of the Library excepting members of the staff can retain books borrowed by them for a period of 15 days, unless it is requisitioned by a member of the staff in the event of which it should be returned immediately on receipt of requisition.

11.The librarian may demand the production of Identity Card from a student at the time of borrowing book from the Library.

12.Members of the staff may retain books borrowed by them for a period of 15 days at a time.

13.If a member intends to get books standing in his name reissued the must present the books at the library and then get them reissued, provided nobody else required them.

14.Encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps and rare books cannot be taken out of the Library without obtaining specific permission from the principal in writing.

15.Notwithstanding these provisions the principal reserves the right to stop the issue of certain books to students.

16.A student who wants to take books from the library should present his/her Lib. & Identity Card along with a list of books he/she wishes to borrow in order of preference to the Librarian during working hours of the Library. The book of books may be collected the day after the deposits of requisition. He/she should always present his/her card whenever he/she wants either to borrow, reissue or return the books.

17. If a student loses his/she another card will be issued to him/her on an application and on payment of Rs.5/-

18.Students who do not return library book in time are liable to pay a fine of 25 paisa per book for each day of delay.

19.New books acquired by purchase or otherwise cannot be issued under any circumstances to anyone before they are entered into the stock register and the stock number stamped on them. These books must be kept separately in an almirah under lock and key by the librarian himself. New books after entry into stock should be placed in a separate almirah under lock and key by the Librarian. These books must be catalogued by the member of the staff of the respective department. Cataloguing of the book should be not kept watting for long periods. Such books may how ever be issued to members of staff only for a maximum period of two days. A separate issue register should be maintained for the purpose.

20.Current issue of journals, periodicals and magazines can ordinarily be borrow by the students and members of staff during college hours and these must be returned to the library before the closing hours of the library. However, in special circumstances, such journals, periodicals and magazine can be issued over, night use.

Old journals, periodicals and magazines can be issued to members of staff for a maximum period of 30days.

21.Books periodicals, journals, dictionaries, reference books can be borrowed by students for use during college hours only and these must be returned to the librarian before the librarian closes for that day.

22.A member is supposed to have read the library rules and is supposed to have agreed to abide by them. Ignorance of the library rules will be no excuse for the breach of any rules.

23.The members of the staff shall take the books of their respective department and the books of common interest. If they desire to take the reference books of their department a clearance must be obtained from the head of the department concerned.

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College Examinations
(general Rules)

1.Students have to appear the comprehensive general Examination during the academic year.

2.Students who will fail to appear the comprehensive general examination will not be considered for promotion to the next higher class or will not be considered being sent up for the university examination as the case may be. In case two comprehensive general examination are held during the academic year and a student absents himself from one of them, he may be considered for promotion or being sent up stipulated above.

3.In exceptional cases where a student fails to appear at any of the comprehensive general examination on valid ground the principal may considered his case for promotion or for being sent up for the university examination.

4.Selection of students for promotion or for being sent up for the University examination will be on the basic of their performance at the various examinations held during the year.

5.A student adopting malpractice in the examination shall be penalized according to the discretion of the principal.

6.Infringement of any rules printed on the cover page of the examination answer book will be regarded as breach of discipline and be severely dealt with.

7.The test examination held at the end of the second year +2 Arts and science & +3 Arts/SC courses shall include question from courses covered during the 1 St. year and the 2nd (Full course)


The council of higher secondary examination (C.H.S.E) in Arts & Science streams in held twice a year. (Annual Exam. Is held in the month of march & the second examination in the month of august)

Eligibility rules: Annual Examination:

A registered candidate of the council may be admitted to the Annual Exam. In Arts/Science provided he/she completed studies for one of such examinations or he/she has been promoted to the second-year class and subsequently passed the Test Examination conducted by the college.

Compartment appearance in Examination:

If a candidate fails in one or more subjects but secures pass mark in aggregate may avail exemption from appearing again in that subject or subjects in which he had passed on an application, exemption shall remain valid for next two consecutive Examinations immediately following the first one the candidates would be required to clear all the subject(s) in which he/she had failed in his her first appearance. He/she shall not be placed in any division.



Minimum Aggregate Marks








The three years Bachelor degree course in Arts/Science is spread over a period of three academic years. A candidate for the Bachelor’s degree shall be required to pass (i) First Examination. After the first year of the study the college will conduct a class promotion examination. At the end of the second year the university will conduct the first examination covering the courses of both the years. And at the end of the third year the university will conduct the final Examination.

1.A candidate for Bachelor’s degree examination must enroll himself a student of the college. No. student shall be admitted to the first examination unless he has passed the promotion examination conducted by the college.

2.A candidate failing to secure 30% of marks in pass subject/paper(s) either in the first or final examination may be allowed to clear the back papers on payment of prescribed fees, in those subject/paper(s) not more than twice in two examination immediately following the examination for which he was first registered.

3.A candidate failing to secure 45% of marks in Hons.Subject/Paper(s) either in the first or final may be allowed to reappear in that subject/paper(s) in not more than two examination for which he was first registered to clear back papers or improve his performance on payment of prescribed fees.

4.Candidate who have passed without Hons. Or have obtained only a second class, can reappear in the Hons. Paper only to improve their result at a subsequent Annul Examination, on application submitted through the principal. The higher marks in each paper shall be taken in to consideration for determining their result and divisions provided that they shall be allowed to improve their results only once and within a period of two years from the date of their passing the +3 Arts/Science examinations. Further, in case of candidates offering subjects with practical’s, they have to undergo practical training for a period of one month and have to submit a certificate to that effect from the principal/H.O.D. of the college at the time of submitting the final application form.


A minimum of 30% marks in each subject & 36% mark in aggregate.

Pass with Distinction:
A minimum of 30% marks in each core subject and 50% marks or more in the aggregate of core subjects.

Pass without Honors:
A minimum of 30% marks in each core subject other than Hons. And less than 45% marks in the aggregate of all Hons. Papers but not less than 36% marks in all core subjects.

Second class Honors:
A minimum of 30% marks in each core subject other than Hons. And 45% marks in the aggregate of all Honors papers taken together.

Second class Hons. With distinction:
In addition to 2nd  class Hons. A minimum 50% marks of the total marks awarded in the core subjects other  than Honors in the first appearance.

First class Honors:
A minimum of 30% marks in each subject other than Hons. & 60% of more marks in the aggregate of all Hons. Paper.

First class Hons. With distinction:
In addition to 1st class honors a minimum of 50% of the total marks awarded in the papers other than the honors papers in the first appearance.

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