Our Collage Crest carrying symbols in four sectors at the top left, the sacred temple of Barpali’s presiding deity (Samaleswari) focusing the architectural excellence and Historical significance of this area. The burning lamp to the right dispel the darkness of ignorance revealing through the pages of the book the light of Knowledge, wisdom and sagacity.

At  the bottom left stands an ear of corn that sustains life and a microscope set ready to be at the service of agriculture for effecting the green Revolution. On the right is a pattern of tie and bye (Bandha) symbolizing the. Fine art and craft of the skilled artisans of the locality. The excellence of which is admired by whole world.

Our credo garnered from the ‘Bhagabat Gita ‘ “Shraddhaban Labhate Gyanam” is intented to infuse in the minds of the Alma master intense love for learning knowledge that comes to him who worship it.besides one must be alert,active and ultimately brings enlightenment and supreme peace in life.


The college calendar provides valuable information to the students on points of academic interest, Matters relating to college rules and discipline have been inserted in it.It will therefore be advisable for them to be acquainted with its will be of great use for the students as well as the teachers.

-He alone is happy, who is free from hatred and malice and has his passion under control.

Gita 11 64

About The College


                        Facilities for College Education Should Filter down to village level right to the door step of the farmers, the artisans the common men. With this idea was founded the Barpali College on the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanti in October 1973 with the conscious collaboration and contribution of the general public of Barpali P.S.and the neighboring Thanas. A lumb sum was generously donated by the tenants of Khemesara Village and Panchayats of Barpali Panchayat Samiti. Besides a huge amount was contributed by the local public. The Barpali College thus owes its existence to the collective efforts of the sons of the soil whose admirable contribution with immensely benefit the future generations coming here for higher education.

The College Started functioning in the newly constructed building of Dr. Nabin Kumar Sahu, Ex vice Chancellor, S. U whose yeaman service in the initial stage the College cannot forget. It began with the opening of P.U.[H] class in 1973 -74being affiliated to the Sambalpur University in the Arts faculty. It was Subsequently upgraded to a Degree College with the Opening of The B.A. class in 1977-88. The Government have been kind enough to extend direct payment to the College with effect from June 1976.


            The College provides honors facilities in History and Political Science from the Session 1980-82 and Oriya, from the session 91. It also provides Honors facilities in economics and English from 1994-95. +2 classes in Arts have been started from the session 1983-84 with the concurrence of the Government since 1981. +2 Science (PCM) was introduced 1984-85. P.C.B. section was started in the +2 Science stream from 1985-86 & +3 Sc. With P.C.M. started functioning from 1990-91. Hans and hens. Edu 16 seats in +3 and P.C.M 16 seals m+3sc was opened since 2013-14 seals uncrossed un +3 arts from 256 to 320 & +3 SC 64 to 128 from 2013-14.